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Highly recommended

Permanent Residence application for highly skilled professional went through like a breeze with the help of i-socia advisors. Certainly worth the price for compiling all the paperwork for the ~60 page application, which would have been a huge effort (or perhaps impossible) without help. Furthermore they went out of their way to provide useful information about the immigration procedures in Japan. Highly recommended.

Andrew Darmawan

Proceed With Confidence

I cannot recommend i-socia Advisers highly enough. Naoko-san handled my case, which was not straightforward. From beginning to end, the service was faultless: prompt, efficient, thorough and professional. She always went the extra mile without being asked and we achieved the desired result.

Peter Wynn Williams

Five stars Excellent

This is an amazing lawfirm that helps with all aspects from business to immigration. They are very friendly, extremely professional and always a pleasure to work with. In fact, even though I moved to Tokyo, I still work with them because of their level of service. Highly recommended.

Al taher

In 3 words: professionalism, anticipation, efficiency

I am a French entrepreneur residing in Japan and working with i-socia Advisors for more than 3 years now. Let me be clear: They never failed me whatever the case, and some were very very complex.

All my foreign staffs are from various countries with very different CVs. i-socia Advisors managed each type of visa (Business manager, Specialist in Humanities, International Services, Family, etc.) in a timely manner, anticipating each possible issue with hawk eyes. All visa applications are well prepared and detailed to maximize their obtention, and they did delivered incredible results: our success rate is of 100%!

Working with them is a permanent pleasure, as the communication is smooth and free-of-stress, and as they always provide very detailed information and precious advices. We are now based in Tokyo and i-socia Advisors in Osaka, but they manage the distance without any issue.

I greatly respect their work, and strongly recommend i-socia Advisors to all people, business men or not, who want to be sure that their case will be managed proactively.

If I could, I would give 10 stars and not only 5. Among all my business partners in Japan, they are simply number 1.


Highly recommend!

I used i-socia Advisors to apply for a 1 year business manager visa and personally dealt with Naoko, who from the very first e-mail answered all questions with very kind, clear, well informed and case-specific advice, helping significantly to ease what would otherwise have been a stressful and lengthy process. I would highly recommend i-socia Advisors to anybody in a similar position as me. It would have been a huge headache to attempt the application without their help and direction, which saved a whole lot of time and probable mistakes that would have been costly. The resulting peace of mind and extra time I had as a result, allowed me to focus on starting up my business.

[Application for change from Humanities to Business Manager]

James Dawson
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