Some of the visa application requires a "guarantor".
You will find the responsibility of the guarantor in this page.

Responsibility of the guarantor

Responsibility of the guarantor
Guarantor for the immigration purpose is not responsible for guarantee of obligation stipulated in the Civil Law of Japan but is to promise to fulfill the following responsibility to the Minister of Justice.

  • To provide logistic support while in Japan if necessary.
  • To support the applicant for transportation fee for repatriation if necessary.
  • To support the applicant to abide by the Japanese Law.

The immigration office has no legal force with respect to the guarantor’s responsibility, so all they can do is to instruct the guarantor to meet his commitments if the guarantor fails to make good on his guarantee. However, if the guarantor fails to fulfill his responsibility, he will lose his eligibility as a guarantor for any visa application process in the future.

From the immigration office point of view, the guarantor is supposed to provide the applicant financial and moral support at the critical moment. Therefore, those who is not financially stable (no income or no job) and is neglect his duties (e.g. not paying taxes) cannot be a guarantor for any visa application.

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