Residence Registration

Foreign nationals who newly become mid- and long-term residence and obtain Residence Card must register residence address in Japan at City/Ward Office within 14 days after deciding the residence address in Japan. This procedure is called as "Ten-nyu Tetsuzuki" or "Jumin Touroku".

After you proceed this, your residence address in Japan is recorded in the registry called "Jumin Hyo (Reisdence Registry)". You will need to report your address by the notification of move-in or move-out every time you move your residence in Japan.

"Jumin Hyo no Utushi (Certificate of Residence)" is a certificate used as an identification in Japan. In the "Jumin Hyo no Utsuhi (Certificate of Residence), you will find what is recorded in your residence registry such as your name, registered address in Japan, date of birth, your residence/visa status, expiration date of the visa status and so on.

  1. Residence Registry
  2. Residence Registration for the Frist Time
  3. Notification of Move-in and Move-out
  4. Jumin-hyo no Utsushi (Certificate of Residence Registry)

【1】 Residence Registry

All foreign nationals who reside in Japan and obtain Residence Card is required to register the residence at the municipalty where you reside and is recorded in the registry called "Jumin Hyo (Residence Registry)".

The items recorded in Residence Registry are as follows:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Name of householder
  • Date of enter into the registry
  • Date of move-in and move-out
  • Matters related to immigration status (type of visa status, period of stay, date of expiry and so on)
  • etc.

【2】 Residence Registration for the First Time

Once when you obtain Residence Card, you are subject to the residence registration system in Japan. You are required to register your residence at the municipalty within 14 days after you enter Japan with the COE.

[Necessary Documents]

  1. Passport
  2. Residence Card
  3. In case you register your family member, you will required 1 and 2 of each family member along with any certification issued in your country in order to prove the relationship.
    e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and so on.

These necessary documents would depend on where you live. Ask the municipalty (City Office or Ward Office) for the details.

【3】 Notification of Move-in and Move-out

You have to report the change of your address to the municipalty when you move your residence to other place. The procedures are different depending on you move within the same city or move to other city. Also, you need to submit notification at the office in case you stay outside Japan more than a year continuously or in case you quit to reside in Japan and go back to your country.

  • In case of moving within the same city: submit "Tenkyo Todoke (Notification of Moving in)" at the city office you move in.
  • In case of moving to other city: submit "Tenshutsu Todoke (Notification of Moving out)" and receive "Tenshutsu Shoumei-sho (Certificate of Moving out) " at the city you leave. After you move in the new city, submit "Tennyu Todoke (Notification of Moving in)" together with "Tenshutsu Shoumei-sho (Certificate of Moving out)" at the city office you move in.
  • In case of staying outside Japan more than a year continuously or quit to reside in Japan: submit "Tenshutsu Todoke (Notification of Moving out)".

It would be possible that you could submit "Tenshutsu Todoke" and "Tennyu Todoke" by mail. Ask the city office where you reside for further details.

【4】 Certificate of Residence Registry

"Jumin-hyo no Utsushi", often called as "Certificate of Residence Registry" in English, is one of the certificates generally used as an identification when you live in Japan.

The matters recorded in the residence registry is written in this certificate. The format is different depending on the city and ward. The charge also depends on the city, however, it generally costs around 250 – 300 yen per a certificate. You can receive it by mail, too.

In case of foreign nationals, you can request the certificate which shows the following information: your visa status, the period of stay, the date of expiry, Residence Card number and so on.

Ask the city office for further details.

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