Laws and regulations and administrative procedures in each country are different.
Here, you will find information and details about how the Japanese administrative procedures works and where you shouold go for the procedures etc.

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Residence Card

Immigration Office issues Residence Card (Zairyu-kaado) to each foreign nationals who obtain mid- to long-term visa status and reside legally ...
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Residence Registration

Foreign nationals who newly become mid- and long-term residence and obtain Residence Card must register residence address in Japan at ...
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Opening Bank Account

After you obtain Residence Card and register your residence in Japan, we are sure that you would like to open ...
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Useful Links

Immigration Bureau Immigration Bureau Website Information Center and Immigration Offices Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan VISA and Residing in ...
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Types of Business Operation

In case that foreign companies wish to set up a business entity in Japan to operate their business, basically there ...
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Inkan Registration

In Japan, Inkan, imprint of seal, can be often used as the stamp of authentication or confirmation. If you are ...
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Some of visa status requires to have a "guarantor" at the time of application. When you apply for visa status ...
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