There are necessary immigration procedures for those who reside in Japan under specific visa status.

If you currently resides outside Japan and are planning to apply for a visa to enter/reside in Japan, please be sure to check the immigration overview at first.

Please refer to each page below to know more details for the immigration procedures in Japan.

Permission to Engage in Other Activity

Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously Granted This special permission is required in case you start ...
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Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Application

In case you are currently living outside Japan and wishing to obtain a visa status in order to stay in Japan for particular purpose, basically ...
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Change of Visa Status

In case you already have a Residence Card under specific visa status, but you are planning to change your activity which is not applicable to ...
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Re-Entry Permit

Residence Card holders can travel outside Japan and reenter Japan during the period of stay granted under the visa status. However, in order to reenter ...
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Extension of Period of Stay (Visa Renewal)

In case you want to extend the period of stay for your current visa status, be sure to apply for Extension of Period of Stay ...
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Permission to Acquire Visa Status

In case of a child who was born to non-Japanese couple while residing in Japan or a person who renounced Japanese nationality due to becoming ...
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