Our main service area: within the jurisdiction of the Osaka Immigration Office, such as Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo (Kobe), Nara and other Kinki area.

Our advisors provide professional Immigration services for you.


Your application will be denied in case Immigration Bureau finds out that you commit a fraud and misrepresent a material fact. This would make you permanently ineligible. So do not attempt to misrepresent or commit a fraud to your licensed immigration lawyer. If you have something to worry about, feel free to consult us and release your anxiety. We will help you and try to find out what to do.

Processing period depends on types of visa status, types of procedures and so on. There are some cases that will take several months after filing at Immigration Bureau.


The flow of procedures would be different depends on the case. This flowchart is applied to COE/change/extention application in general.

0. Inquiry


1. Initial Consultation

  • We will help you to find out whether you satify the requirement or not. If not, we will give you relevant suggestions and solutions.
  • It may incur our fees in case your inquiry requires any investigation/confirmation to reply. In that case, we will respond you with our answer in general at first and propose our quotation for further consultation or face-to-face meeting.
  • Inquiry about setting up a company is welcome for those who wishing to acquire Investor visa.
  • We will explain how we proceed the application and other details. Before agreeing to be retained, we will provide an estimate of the costs.


2. Proceed Your Case after Payment

  • Payment in advance (all or 50% as a retainer).
  • As soon as we confirm your payment, we will proceed to the preparation for your application.


3. Prepare for the application

  • In case that the applicant is in a difficult and complicated situation, Immigration Lawyer will consult with Immigration Office in advance in order to find out the best way to apply.
  • You need sufficient preparation if you wish to aquire Investor visa; such as business plan and so on. We will assist you and give you an advice about it, so you don’t need to worry about what supporting documents you have to prepare for.
  • There should be some documents we would like you to prepare. We will make a list of them for you.


4. File to Immigration Office

  • We will make your application form and other supportingl documents.
  • You will affix your signature/stamp to the application form and give your passport and residence card to our licensed immigration lawyer. We will go to file your application at Immigration Office.


5. Deal with questions/requests from Immigration Office and Additional Documents

  • We will deal with additional documents in case that Immigration Office requires or requests it.
  • Our licensed immigration lawyer will attend you in case Immigration Office asks you for an interview (*rare case) .


6. Issue the Permission/Certificate

  • Immigration Office will send us a notice of your permission. (Processing period of Immigration Office is deffered from each applicant and application based on his/her circumstance. )
  • We will returen your passport and residence card immediately.
  • Feel free to ask us if you need our assistance regarding your visa and other administrative procedures!
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