Exception Period for Application for Renewal/Change of visa

You must apply for Extension of Period of Stay (so called “Visa Renewal”) or Change of Visa Status by the date of expiration written on your Residence Card.

In case you apply for either one of them by that date, you can keep engaging in the activity allowed under your current visa status until the following period whichever comes first;

  1. the day you receive the result of application.
  2. the day 2 months passed from the date of expiration.

The Immigration Office calls the period as “Exception Period (Tokurei Kikan 特例期間)“.
During the “Exception Period”, you can keep staying in Japan and you can engage in the activity allowed under your current visa status. Therefore, you can keep your current visa status valid by the period even if you apply for Visa renewal or Change of Visa status on the date of expiration.

After the application, “Application Receipt” will be stapled on your passport, which you can confirm the date of application and application number. Also, a stamp “在留資格更新(or 変更)許可申請中” will be affixed on the backside of your Residence Card, showing your application is in progress.

In case you need to stay outside Japan during the screening period after the application due to a short business trip etc., there will be no problem if you can come back to Japan and pick up your new Residence Card by the end of the Exception Period.

However, we strongly recommend to apply for it earlier in advance of your trip, wait for the result in Japan and leave Japan after you receive your new Residence Card since the Immigration Office might request you some additional documents during the screening period.

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