【COVID-19 Measures】Departure and Reenter of the Resident Card holders in Japan.

As of September 1st 2020, the Japanese government allows the Resident Card holders currently living in Japan to reenter Japan from the countries where the entry restriction has not been lifted yet under the following conditions (required to satisfy both 1 and 2 below);

  1. Obtain the Receipt for Request of Re-entry (hereinafter referred to as a “Receipt”) by sending “Request of Intention to Re-enter Japan” by email in advance of leaving Japan, and depart from Japan with the Receipt as well as the Reentry Permit or Special Reentry Permit.
  2. Reenter Japan with the Certificate of Testing for COVID-19 issued by a medical facility in the country you depart from within 72 hours before the departure time.

[Person Eligible]

Resident Card holders currently living in Japan, who are applicable to either one listed below and are scheduled to reenter Japan from the countries where the entry restriction has not been lifted yet.

  • those who are departing from Japan with the valid Reentry Permit.
  • those who hold the valid passport and Residence Card and depart from Japan with the Special Reentry Permit.

(Note 1)Those who hold “Diplomat (外交)” or “Official (公用)” visa status is not applicable to this measure.
(Note 2)Special Permanent Residents are not applicable to this measure since they are not restricted from reentering Japan by each measure related to the COVID-19 effect. Special Permanent Residents can leave/reenter Japan without this procedures.


DO NOT request the “Receipt” if you haven’t decided the specific plan for the departure yet and/or the date of departure from Japan is scheduled more than a month ahead.

For the details including procedures of obtaining the “Receipt” and/or the format of “Certificate of Testing for COVID-19”, please refer to the following PDF provided by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Justice;
PDF in English >> Request of intention to re-enter Japan for foreign nationals with status of residence currently residing in Japan

For further assistance, you may contact the Border Management Division, Immigration Department, Immigration Services Agency (you find the phone number in the PDF above) directly.

Here’s the same information provided by the Immigration Office in Japanese language:
>> 本邦滞在中の在留資格保持者の再入国予定の申出について


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