Amendment of “Guideline for Permanent Residency” (Amended on May 31st, 2019)

“Guideline for Permanent Residency” has been amended in May 31st, 2019.

In this amendment, it is clearly written that “you need to have been adequately fulfilling public duties (duties such as the payment of taxes, public pension contribution and public health insurance contribution, as well as notification in accordance with the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act)”. Meaning, you are supposed to have been paying relevant taxes, pension contribution and health insurance contribution properly, and to have been submitting relevant notification in accordance with the Immigration Law in order to being applicable to PR status.

Website of Ministry of Justice:
Guideline for Permanent Residency in PDF (Amended on May 31st, 2019)

Note that you cannot include the period of stay under the new residence status called Designated Labor 1 as the same as Technical Intern Training visa status in order to satisfy residence requirement for PR application.

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Permanent Resident (PR)


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