Intra-Company Transferee

Before you look through this page, be sure to check Overview of Japanese Immigration System page in order to learn the basic information for visa application. >> Overview of Japanese Immigration System

“Intra-Company Transferee (企業内転勤 Kigyo-nai tenkin)” visa is applicable to an employee sending from the head office, the branch or other related office outside Japan to the related office in Japan for a limited period. The types of job allowed under Intra-Company Transferee visa is limited – it must be the activities which is allowed under “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/Int’l Services (referred to as "Humanities")“.

Examples of Occupation and Transfer

Occupations applied to “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/Int’l Services” visa status.

The following examples are possible transfer applicable to Intra-Company Transferee visa;

  • transfer within the same company (head office to branch, branch to branch)
  • transfer between parent company and subsidiary company.
  • transfer between subsidiary.
  • transfer between subsidiary and sub-subsidiary.
  • transfer between sub-subsidiary.
  • transfer between parent company and sub-subsidiary.
  • transfer between parent/subsidiary company and affiliated/associated company (*)

* Please ask us for further details and provide the information of the shareholders (ratio of shares) and the company structure of sending company and accepting company.

In order to apply for "Intra-Company Transferee" visa status, you must satisfy all of criteria and requirements listed on the following page: Criteria and Requirements. After that, you need to confirm whether you may satisfy the requirement for "Intra-Company Transferee" visa status. >> Requirements for "Intra-Company Transferee" visa status.

Then, you should prepare necessary documents in order to certify your qualifications for the visa status. The documents should be different depending on your situation and the host organization/company, however, you may refer to the following: >> Necessary Documents.

Considering your eligibility for Intra-Company Transferee visa status in all aspects, Immigration Office will grant you Intra-Company Transferee visa status to reside and work in Japan with an authorized period of stay. >> Period of Stay

Necessary Procedures at Immigration Office

In case you are outside Japan yet or you are staying in Japan as a temporary visitor, you must take a step called "Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Application" first.

>> Types of Procedures: Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Application

In case you already have been in Japan under other type of visa status, you need to take a step called "Change of Status of Residence".

>> Types of Procedures: Change of Status of Residence

Requirements for "Intra-Company Transferee" visa status


  • The applicant has been working at the sending company for more than 1 year continuously right before the COE application.
  • The type of job of the applicant before and after sending to Japan must be applicable to the job allowed under Humanities visa.


  • The applicant is supposed to be paid equal to or more than that of Japanese who are engaged in the same field during your period of stay in Japan (more than 200,000 JPY or equivalent amount monthly approximately).
  • The period of transfer to Japan must be limited (but extendable).


  • Capital relationship must be found between accepting organization/company in Japan and sending company and the relationship must be proved by the documents (e.g. shareholders’ list, certificate of company registration issued by the authorities etc.)
  • Your visa application must be sponsored by an organization/company who is willing to hire you in Japan to engage in the activities applicable to the visa.
  • Host organization/company must be recognized that they are managing their business properly, stably and continually.
  • The physical office space which you engage in working at must be found in Japan and the business must be operated at the office space.

If you fulfill the requirements above as well as you are applicable to Highly Skilled Professional (HSP), you may have a preferential Immigration treatment. (>> Go to Highly Skilled Professionals.)

Necessary Documents

You are required to prepare documents to certify your eligibility for the visa status.

Necessary documents are varied depending on the situation of each applicant and the host organization/company, however, it shall be as follows:

(1) Evidence for the applicant’s experience and qualifications:

  • Resume, C/V.
  • Documents to certify your occupation, type of work/job and salary for the past 1 year. (e.g. Certificate of Employment, Confirmation Letter etc. issued and signed by the sending company.
  • Certificate of Degree (if any)

(2) Evidence for the applicant’s job in Japan and the transfer to Japan:

  • Document to prove the transfer/relocation (e.g. Letter of Appointment etc. issued and signed by the sending company).
  • Document to prove your occupation, type of work/job and monthly salary for the job in Japan (e.g. Employment Agreement etc. issued and signed by sending/accepting company).

(3) Evidence regarding the employer:

  • Company Brochure or Leaflet.
  • Company Overview
  • Certificate of Company Registration (Toukibo Touhon, Toukijikou Shoumeisho).
  • Documents to certify the relation between sending company outside Japan and accepting company in Japan.
  • Financial Statement for the last fiscal year regarding the accepting company in Japan.
  • In case of new company: Business Plan for 1-year, Notification of the establishment of salary payment office, Payment slip for Withholding Tax (for the past 3 months before the application) or Application for Payment of Withholding Income Tax on a Semiannual.
  • All the documents written in foreign languages requires to attach the Japanese translation.
  • Additional documents may be required during the processing at the Immigration Office.
  • Some documents may be omitted in case the host organization is classified under categories as follows: 1) listed company, 2) the total amount of annual withholding tax on the latest "Records for Salary Payment and Withholding Tax" counts more than 15 million JPY, 3) the accepting organization which can submit a copy of the latest "Records for Salary Payment and Withholding Tax".
  • Any certificate issued by Japanese authorities has to be issued within 3 months before the date of application.

(amended in July, 2012)

Period of Stay

Each visa status has the date of expiry. The Immigration Office grants you the specific period of stay under the visa status depending on your situation and condition, the period shall be either of 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, or 3 months.

If you intend to stay in Japan under the same visa status after the expiration date, you may apply for "Extension of Period of Stay" 2 months before the expiration date. >> How to Apply of "Extension of Period of Stay"

If you travel outside Japan during the period of stay and reenter Japan, you need to obtain Special Re-entry Permission or Re-entry Permission depending on how long you will stay outside Japan. >> Check out Special Re-entry Permit or Re-entry Permit

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