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In 3 words: professionalism, anticipation, efficiency

I am a French entrepreneur residing in Japan and working with i-socia Advisors for more than 3 years now. Let me be clear: They never failed me whatever the case, and some were very very complex.

All my foreign staffs are from various countries with very different CVs. i-socia Advisors managed each type of visa (Business manager, Specialist in Humanities, International Services, Family, etc.) in a timely manner, anticipating each possible issue with hawk eyes. All visa applications are well prepared and detailed to maximize their obtention, and they did delivered incredible results: our success rate is of 100%!

Working with them is a permanent pleasure, as the communication is smooth and free-of-stress, and as they always provide very detailed information and precious advices. We are now based in Tokyo and i-socia Advisors in Osaka, but they manage the distance without any issue.

I greatly respect their work, and strongly recommend i-socia Advisors to all people, business men or not, who want to be sure that their case will be managed proactively.

If I could, I would give 10 stars and not only 5. Among all my business partners in Japan, they are simply number 1.


Highly recommend!

I used i-socia Advisors to apply for a 1 year business manager visa and personally dealt with Naoko, who from the very first e-mail answered all questions with very kind, clear, well informed and case-specific advice, helping significantly to ease what would otherwise have been a stressful and lengthy process. I would highly recommend i-socia Advisors to anybody in a similar position as me. It would have been a huge headache to attempt the application without their help and direction, which saved a whole lot of time and probable mistakes that would have been costly. The resulting peace of mind and extra time I had as a result, allowed me to focus on starting up my business.

[Application for change from Humanities to Business Manager]

James Dawson


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