• Our fees listed here are not including consumption tax.
  • Our main service area is within the jurisdiction of the Osaka Immigration Office, such as Osaka, Hyogo (Kobe), Kyoto, Nara and other KINKI area.
  • We will provide our service outside our service area.
  • We are happy to provide our quotation/estimate for our service. Please request it through Inquiry Form.


Your application will be denied in case Immigration Bureau finds out that you commit a fraud and misrepresent a material fact. This would make you permanently ineligible. So do not attempt to misrepresent or commit a fraud to your licensed immigration lawyer. If you have something to worry about, feel free to consult us and release your anxiety. We will help you and try to find out what to do.

【1】Consultation fees

8,000yen/hour (4,000yen for each additional 30min.)

We don’t accept any inquiry by phone and skype in order to avoid making a wrong interpretation. We need to know your situation precisely in detail to answer any question regarding visa procedures.

E-mail consultation for the first contact

First consultation at a person is free of charge. Please contact us through Inquiry Form. However, it may incur our fees in case your inquiry requires any investigation/confirmation to reply.

In that case, we will respond you with our answer in general at first and propose our quotation for further consultation or face-to-face meeting.

【2】Our Service Fees

The total cost will be the sum of 1-3 below:

  1. Our Fees
    Long-term Stay (Work visas, Family related visas) Temporary Visit
  2. Immigration/Government Fees (Pay in revenue stamps)
  3. Actual Expenses (traveling, postage, out-of-pocket expenses such as certificate of residence, etc.)
  4. (In case of outside our service area) Daily Allowance for the consultation/submition etc.

Send us a request for our estimate through Inquiry Form.

See also NOTE below.

Our Service Fees include;

  • Preparing and assembling of the application form and other supporting documents.
  • Filing the application to Regional Immigration Bureau in our service area.
  • Contacting and negosiating the Immigration Bureau
  • Consultation and advice on matters regarding your application and circumstance.

(A) Long-term Stay

 Our fees (tax excl.)
Certificate of Eligibility (COE Application)Business Manager and other application related to business management, the representative in Japan, newly established company, or foreign company.JPY 160,000 -
Others than above.JPY 120,000 - 140,000
Change of Visa StatusBusiness Manager and other application related to the representative in Japan, newly established company, or foreign company.JPY 160,000 -
- Change to Humanities as Freelance or contractor.
- HSP-a, HSP-b as an employee
JPY 120,000 - 140,000
Others than above.JPY 100,000 - 120,000
Extension of Period of Stay (Visa Renewal)Extension of Humanities as Freelance or contractor or based on different visa sponsor (1st time you hired us).JPY 80,000 -
* Depending on the contract.
Others than above.JPY 50,000 -
Permission to Acquire Status of ResidenceJPY 20,000 -
Certificate of Authorized EmploymentJPY 20,000 -
Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously GrantedJPY 20,000 - 50,000
* Depending on the content of the intended activity.
Re-entry PermitDocuments preparation and submission JPY 20,000 -
Documents preparation only.JPY 10,000 -
Permanent ResidenceJPY 160,000 -
Naturalizationsalary earnerJPY 160,000 -
sole proprietor, business managerJPY 200,000 -
Preparation of Business Plan onlyJPY 50,000 -
Procedures for receiving tax refund regarding Lump-sum Withdrawal PaymentsJPY 40,000 -
Ad-hoc (for consultation/investigation)hourlyJPY 8,000

(B) Temporary Visit

 Our Fees (tax excl.)
Temporary visit for businessBasic fees: JPY 20,000+(number of person× JPY 4,000)+tax

Inviting 1 person : JPY 24,000+tax
Inviting 3 people : JPY 32,000+tax
-> JPY 20,000+(3ppl× JPY 4,000)
Temporary visit for seeing relatives and acquaintanceBasic fees: JPY 30,000+(number of person× JPY 4,000)+tax

Inviting 1 person : JPY 34,000+tax
Inviting 3 people : JPY 42,000+tax
-> JPY 30,000+(3ppl× JPY 4,000)


  • Our fees listed here are not including consumption tax.
  • Payment in advance (total or 50% of our fee depending on the case). We will proceed to prepare your application after confirming the payment.
  • In case you decline or withdraw in the middle of the process, we will charge you the cost that we’ve already prepared.
  • We will charge you other expenses such as revenue stamps, transporting, postage, certificates, etc.
  • When you offer us further investigation after consultation, we may charge the cost depending on the situation.
  • We also provide advisory service on immigration matters, business regulations and permissions, introduction of legal professions and other general matters at your request.
  • We may charge additional fees for dealing with unexpected and irregular matters.
  • We will introduce you specialists/professionals at your request.
  • Keep receipt (of the bank) when you make a payment by bank transfer.
  • We may change, delete, or update any content at any time and without prior notice.
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