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Within the jurisdiction of the Osaka Immigration Office: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo (Kobe), Nara and other KINKI area.

Generally, your COE application must be submitted to the relevant Immigration Office within the jurisdiction over the visa sponsor’s address. If you apply for change/renew of your current visa, your application must be submitted to the relevant Immigration Office within the jurisdiction over your residence address.

If you intend to work/reside or currently reside in other area, we recommend you to find other firm which can handle your area.


The first e-mail consultation at a person is FREE of CHARGE.
However, we are afraid that we might not reply to all of the inquiry we received since we have been receiving a lot of inquiries everyday recently. Please read this page carefully before sending your inquiry and allow us 3 – 5 business days to reply you.

We don’t accept any inquiry by phone and skype in order to avoid making a wrong interpretation. We need to know your situation precisely in detail to answer any questions regarding visa procedures.

We don’t accept any inquiry from those who don’t look through our web page.
Most of introductory information is already provided in this website. We are afraid that we cannot reply to your inquiry in case;

  • we think you don’t read any webpage in our website including this page.
  • you don’t refer anything about your name, nationality, place of reside and other items listed below.
  • you use yahoo account – in most cases, emails sent from yahoo account rejects our reply at the server.
  • we could not figure out what you are asking about, or your inquiry is too vague to answer (e.g. "how I can get the visa?", "I would like to work/live in Japan. What visa options do I have ?")
  • it seems you just want to obtain visa and are not going to reside or work in Japan. The visa will not be issued to those who don’t need to reside in Japan.
  • your inquiry is beyond our specialty.

Please send your inquiry through Mailform below so that we can provide proper and precise advice, suggestion, solution for you – explain your situation in detail as much as possible such as;

  • [In case you have already been residing in Japan] Your current visa status (residence status) and the duration and the expiry date, your residence area and total period of stay in Japan in case
  • [In case you intend to apply for any type of work-related visa status] Your educational background (e.g. types of university degree and the major) and working career.
  • Your intended activity and type of visa status during your stay in Japan.
  • JLPT level (or any other level for the Japanese language skill) or other qualification if any.
  • Outline regarding your visa sponsor in Japan.
  • [In case you are considering to set up a business in Japan] Possible entity (KK, GK etc.)
  • Any information related to your situation and intended visa status.

We would suggest you to contact the Immigration Information Center depend on the case – the Immigration Bureau of Japan provides free consultation by phone or by email here;


If our mailform doesn’t work, please send your inquiry by e-mail stating your name, company name and address (city) and explain details of your situation. We are afraid that we do not answer inquiry without questioner’s name (name of company and the person in charge in case of a company) or inquiry considered as spam. Also, please DO NOT use Yahoo account. Yahoo server may often reject our reply.

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